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About Us

Skilled, Knowledgeable Jewelry Experts

Blair Brothers Goldsmiths offers a diverse, educated, experienced, and well-rounded staff. You'll find our designs offer a terrific mix of energy, ideas, and style to suit the needs of varied clientele.


Throughout the years, our team of goldsmiths has designed and hand-made bracelets, charms, pendants, necklaces, rings, and earrings. Each of our pieces is made from the finest materials and methods available in the jewelry world today.


Working with precious metals is a skill that takes patience and precision. Our skillful craftsman can transform gold and silver into exquisite and unique jewelry that will last lifetimes. We feel that jewelry is wearable art, and we take our job as the artists very seriously. We strive to offer our customers jewelry that they feel good wearing, and jewelry that holds true meaning and value. As every piece is made by hand and every gemstone is unique, all of our pieces are different in some way, which is pretty special.


Our talented goldsmiths are wizards at all kinds of jewelry repairs, as well. We spend several hours a day working on repairs and rebuilds.  We can even create a special masterpiece by reworking your existing jewelry. We specialize in 14k gold, with the ability to build with 18k gold and platinum as well.


At Blair Brothers Goldsmiths, our techniques and inspired style paired with our high quality and durability standards set our jewelry apart from the rest.

Visit us in Williamsport, PA.

Jewelry Expert

Our Story

Blair Brothers Goldsmiths officially opened its doors in July of 2004, located in the Oaks Plaza in Williamsport, PA. This new workspace is a far cry from the workshop set up in our grandmother's Cogan Station basement, which served its purpose for filling many Christmas orders in 2003, but more room was needed.

Working closely with skilled craftsmen from the area, the dream showroom slowly became a reality.


Walking into the store evokes your senses of quality and elegance. At Blair Brothers Goldsmiths, we insist on using only the highest quality metal and stones for our creations. Having traveled all over the United States and Africa, Blair Brothers Goldsmiths ensures we locate the best materials for our customers. We have built lasting relationships with world-renowned stonecutters and reliable, trustworthy diamond suppliers so that you can always feel confident in your Blair Brothers masterpieces.


Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

Blair Brothers Goldsmiths listen carefully to the needs and desires of our customers and build unique pieces to suit your personality. The designs are both exquisite and wearable. Our driving force is our customers; this remain highest on our list of priorities.


The business acquaintances and friends we've made on our travels and the mentors and role models we've been fortunate enough to learn from are what brings us the most gratification.

Stop in and see what sets this business apart from others.

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